The Rotary Club of Holiday, Florida values its local communities, as well as the Rotary District and Rotary International.
Throughout each year, the Club makes contributions to projects that it deems worthy and of benefit to the community, the District, and/or RI.
The Club has a formal process to approve such projects, and the first step is the completion of a Grant Request Form by an individual or entity wishing to be considered.
General Guidelines
1. Rotary Endowment Fund Policy:
The Board of Trustees meets at least quarterly to grant funds to charitable, educational and other nonprofit organizations. Generally funds are granted for capital needs, or one-time special project expenses. Grant Applications must be submitted no later than seven days prior to an upcoming Board of Trustee meeting.
The Board of Trustees generally meets on the third Tuesday of the month.
2. Rules & Requirements:
a) The Trustees do not grant funds for ongoing operating programs, ongoing operating expenses or salaries.
b) No grant may inure to the benefit of the individual members of the organization requesting the grant.
c) Grants awarded that are for less than the total costs of capital items or projects will be released when all the funds needed to purchase the item(s) or complete the project have been pledged or received.
d) With the exception of scholarships, the Trustees shall consider grant requests only from tax-exempt or other qualified charitable organizations. The applicant shall provide evidence of their tax-exempt status.
e) The applicant shall complete the Rotary Grant Application form, as no other form shall be accepted. APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED IN TRIPLICATE. Forms may be obtained from the Holiday Rotary Web Site, or by contacting the Holiday Rotary Club at PO Box 3663 Holiday, FL 34690.
f) Applicant shall include names of three people or agencies that could be contacted as references, if necessary. Please provide telephone numbers and addresses of each.
To obtain a Grant Request form
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Rotary Club of Holiday, Florida